Friday, 9 November 2012

Invitation to Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp

Hi peeps!

Hey remember about this event I told you? 

I've been selected! Me and my kids gonna have fun this Sunday.

Here what Nuffnang says...

Hello Samsung Angel! 

Congratulations! You are cordially invited to the Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp happening this Sunday. Details of the event are as follow:

Date:        11 November 2012 (Sunday)
Time:        8.30am - 1.30pm (registration starts at 8.00am)
Venue:     Chelsea Blue Pitch @ NPNG Sports Centre 
                 Jalan PJU 10/1A
                 Damansara Damai
                 47830 Petaling Jaya

We have allocated space for you and your child/brother/sister/niece/nephew/cousin/etc for a fun day out with theofficial Chelsea youth coaches! Here's what the participants of last year's football camp has to say:

If you have any questions at all, please do drop me an email or give me a call anytime. Looking forward to have you on Sunday!


The thing is i dont know where is the place.Anyone knows?

Well, I hope I'm the lucky winner of brand new Samsung Omnipro!
Wish me luck...xoxo :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

어서 오세요 [eoseo oseyo] : Selamat Datang

Hi peeps!
Hey, I got reader from South Korea!
Hi there
Thank you for drop by.
고맙습니다(감사합니다) [gomapseumnida (gamsahamnida)] : terima kasih (f)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hi peeps,

Hey...miz me?
It's been  2 weeks i cant go for jog and walk
It's boring!
Because, everyday gt heavy rain. and the best part is I fall sicked.
My daughters and my son also. Haish...
So u guys please take care of your self. Take vitamins, eat properly and drive carefully.
Today, if not raining i will start again ..

Monday, 5 November 2012

Chelsea FC's Youth Football Camp

Hi peeps!

Today I receive an email from NUFFNANG. I'm so honored I've been invited.  
Thanks a lot!

Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. and Chelsea FC are combining forces for the third time this year to host the “Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp”, targeted at youths from 7 to 15 years old. The youths, who are recruited from Rumah Sayangan, Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer and Little League Malaysia, will spend two hours with Chelsea youth coaches to reinforce Samsung’s commitment to nurture our future generations towards adopting a healthier lifestyle through sport and a balanced diet.

This year, the “Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp” also invites the participation of children from the blogging community for an opportunity to meet up with the esteemed and world-renowned Chelsea youth coaches, to learn about football techniques from the professionals themselves.

Celebrity chef, Anis Nabilah, will host a cooking demonstration to inspire parents and the youth participants themselves to embrace ahealthier diet and lifestyle. She will showcase some of her delicious recipes, which she will create using Samsung’s latest convection microwave oven, the Samsung OmniPro. There will be a lucky draw after the cooking demonstration, in which one lucky participant will walk away with a brand new Samsung OmniPro!

Details of the event are as follow:

Date: 11 November 2012 (Sunday)

Time: 8.30am - 1.30pm (registration starts at 8.00am)

Venue: Chelsea Blue Pitch @ NPNG Sports Centre

 Jalan PJU 10/1,
 Damansara Damai
47830 Petaling Jaya, 

Can't wait to join them and I hope I'm the lucky winner of brand new Samsung Omnipro!
Wish me luck...xoxo :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's me now

Hi peeps!

Let the pictures tell you a story...
Thanks for those who helps me and never fails to encourage me...especially my husband and my kids. 
And also my doctor & my friends.
They are real good commentors.LOL
I will not give -up, i will try my best
Let's do it together!

I've made it!!!

Hi peeps!

How are u doing? How is your day?
Well, today I want to announce that weight is......
73 kg!
Yes...I've made it. I'M SO HAPPY!!!

For your information, who just read my blog Journal To Lose Weight from the day I wrote about this issue my weight is 82 kg?

Ya...It's still not enough. I have to work hard more and more and 
work out more and more. 
 I want to trim my hand, my stomach and legs looks like 
Nicole Scherzinger...Body like JLO...
and of course pretty like Scarlett  Johansson!
Well, It just a dream. LOL

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tips for New Runners

Hi peeps!

How are you?What you eat today?
Remember, if you really wanna lose your weight, you got to be STRONG!
Yet, you will see the amazing result...
Trust me.

Today I wanna share something that I think it will make your eyes open widely... I always read through the blogs or sometimes from paper and magazines. Today issue about the tips for new runners. I'm so amazed with this blog RUNNER GIRLS. Check out that cool blog!
I hope it will help you. Cheers!

Your Body Knows Best
"The best advice I ever got was to listen to my body."

Don't Forget to Have Fun
"I think my piece of advice for new runners is to not take your running too seriously.  You have to find the balance.  Running is supposed to be fun and relieve stress -- not add stress to an already crazy day.  Work hard, but remember to enjoy it too!"

Don’t Skimp On Running Shoes
"Go to a good running store and be properly fitted for shoes. They're not only worth it, but really mandatory. You can run in an old t-shirt, but you will be sorry if you don't get fitted for good shoes."

Don't Forget to Stretch
"Stretch well after every workout." 

Don't Focus Too Much on Times
"My advice to anyone starting out would be to focus on YOUR running experience. Don't hold hard and fast to goals, times and schedules. Running is a great form of mental release and it's a shame when we add to our own stress by worrying about our performance. It's okay if the goal is simply to run and enjoy it." 

"The best advice for me was to build slowly and not worry about speed. I'd like to tell those just starting out to manage their expectations properly. It won't be easy, there will be some bad runs, and you might not be as speedy as you want. But as long as you keep heading out that door, you are a runner." 

Invest in Tech Socks
"My best advice is to get awesome tech socks to go with the properly fitted shoes and don't forget to strength train!"

Run at Your Own Pace
"The best advice I've received is to do my own running. Run at MY pace and according to MY body and not worry about the people running around me."

Run for Yourself
" The best thing I could tell someone starting out is that everyone has their own pace. Run for you and not for anyone else. Enjoy it!"

Don't Get Discouraged
"My advice to new runners is to take it slow and try not to get discouraged if you're not going as far or as fast as you think you should be.  It takes time to get there, but you WILL get there if you persevere.  Running is NOT easy!"

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Never Give up

Hi peeps...

After work I straight away to TAMAN TASIK PERDANA. It's been a while started walking and jogging. Since last month on 15/9/2012. About one month...u ask me how i manage to do?

This are how the environment there.So peaceful.
U see the fountain? I sit in front of that place( I cant take my pic, who wanna help me.LOL)                     after jogging.Just to relax. Yesterday.
Ya, something happened to me made me so useless, so down....really down...
That's why i like to go there, throw all the rubbish inside my heart.
Therapy for myself. Just myself.

Then I start again...RUN!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I break the RULES!!!

OMG...I cannot tahan see foods...

I CANT HELP MYSELF eat cakes!!! Today, my boss's bday..Got 3 cakes u know!!!
I cANOT tahan makan mee, mihun...rice!!!(i Just eat fried mihun 3x)

I wanna cry...It's really difficult to tahan everyhings when u get used to it. Every u eat nasi (rice).Suddenly u STOP?

I try to drink EVERYDAY ok 3L plain water....Puuiiiii!
Yaaakksss...I hate water...
BUT i Have too!!!!
Please myself...stick with all that craps!!!



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Addicted to Drama Adam & Hawa

Hi peeps...

How are u today?Oh what week end...this whole night i just watch Adam & Hawa...
U guys will fall in love with Am( hero) in this drama...hihihi

AM & sweet!
Am and my husband looks alike rite?
LOL. My husband nt the old one ya...
of coz the most handsome man frm left no 2.

Ok i want to continue watch Adam & Hawa....episode 28...

Exercises fitness lose weight

Hi morning peeps!

Today i wake up at 6am. My sister call to pickup my kids and bring them to my mother's house. So I have prepare breakfast early!

Very simple...for my kids i just give them eat coco crunch and milk. For my self only a cup of low fat milk and 2 boiling( well done) eggs.



Friday, 12 October 2012

My lose weight journal start

Hi pees,

Today i wanna tell u a little story about myself now. U know, i have problem about my weight. I'm so disappointed about myself, I feel so ugly about my look, my face, my body of coz, my hand, my legs.....oh what I'm gonna do?

This is me when i feel sad.... :(
 Well, I have my weight problem since last 3 years...after my 3rd delivery i cant lose my weight.It comes to 82kg! My husband also complaining I've to lose weight u see...(see man that i love said that) sampai hati...Deep down inside i keep telling myself i must  lose my weight no matter what happen.

when i was 82kg when i was 31 yrs

Can u imagine how i look?I hate to see myself.U see my stomach?Huh?Like pregnant woman...HAHAHAHAHA...LOL!
u wanna see when i was young?

This is me when i was 22 years

 Surprise huh?Ya... i know...i'm Beautiful(PERASAN).hahahahaha.

I want pretty like her...JLO!!!!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

My new "Energy"

I just bought new watch!

I hope i will more "energy" when use it...Yela...i wanna lost weight kan. So this thing can help me also what...Come ina...u can do it!Oh ya, u wanna know the price?I just bought from GROUPON only RM195. I will get it by this 14/10/2012. 
So why & what so special about this?

  • Precise electrocardiogram heart rate measurement
  • Calorie and fat consumption workout analysis.
  • Water-resistant up to 30m.
  • Comes with 1 light blue and 1 white wrist band.
  • Includes 3-year warranty.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hi I'm Azlina. It just that i love name anneina, so i called myself anneina. Hihihihi...
This is my little story about my little life, my loves, my little hobby and this are MY LITTLE STORY.

I hope we can share something new and exchange views about our life. I really appreciates it! I also hope we can be friends and can help support and join in on my journey.

Cant wait to write my little story...enjoy!